VFX Motion Graphic

Soundtrack - 'That girl' by Two Fingers feat Sway, remixed by Spor.
Sound Design - Hi Pitch.
Clients in order of appearance: Megamax - Red Bee (Chello Central Europe), LG - Signal, TV7 - Red Bee, NRL - DMCI, MPC showreel - Motion Picture Company, Z cinema - Red Bee, Marlboro - Firewater Productions, Men In Black 3 game trailer - Atmospheric Media, Nova - Marvel, Thursdays are Funny - Red Bee, Starpics - Tactic, Engineering Thursdays - National Geographic Channel, Discovery Science Refresh - Zanadoo,Sonic - Red Bee (Nickelodeon), Swimming with Monsters - Discovery, Dark Night - Tactic (Movie One), Video Ezy - DMCI, CCTV - M.I.E, Kings of Nitro - Discovery Channel, Megamax - Redbee, Motion Picture Company, Z cinema - Red Bee, Swimming with Monsters - Discovery

j vimeo.com/53771110

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