LuLu and Marlo are, On Assignment at the Armory Art Show.

When we were riding the train a group of people sat next to us. They were doing an interview. The guy mentioned something about bee's and before I, Marlo, knew it, I was chatting him up about colony collapse disorder. He was writing a book about how success works and the unspoken links that bind us to our predetermined realms of "success." Possibly that same book was about how to transcend those fatalistic qualities of nature.

On our way cross town we stopped to grab a burger at some place that boasted that it had the best burger in the city. Needless to say with our expectations soaring we were disappointed.

As we neared the Armory our stomachs full, our thoughts sluggish, our executive producer, John Knowles, snapped photos of us from across the street.

To see those photos visit:

Once inside we rendezvoused with our contact, Giovanni Garcia-Fenech who was a most gracious and accommodating media managing director and artist.

With LuLu in full tilt grill mode, it was Mr. Garcia-Fench who shined telling all about not only the inception and history of the Art Fair but also himself.

The letter of Assignment:
Dear Panman Productions/Penguin in the City Inc.,
We would like to contract your video journalistic services once again for our online series, 'On Assignment'. This time you will be covering the ‘Armory Show - International Fair of New Art’. The show dates are March 5-8th with your focus being on Saturday March 7th. You will provide coverage of both pier 94 and 92 as well as a Man on the Street segment. You will be working with a corespondent who we prefer to be an upbeat female who is qualified in art knowledge and will be able to discuss what she encounters at large. The over all feel should be a controlled shoot from the hip style.
To recap what we discussed, the video should investigate and answer the question, “what’s the big deal about the Armory Show?” This question should place the show into a cultural and historical context. It should portray not only the artists but the community that surrounds them, which includes, press, dealers, gallery owners, collectors, spectators, musicians, filmmakers, and the likes. We would like it if you could interview a few people from each source. There is no specific line of questioning, but be observant and discerning, do not betray your own interests.
You are the liaisons of Roger Smith Hotel and as we are an artist based community, we want you to establish contacts with the people that you are most interested in; promote the hotel for the resource that it is. The entire show should not be more than five minutes in runtime. Finally, the most important thing is to make this story accessible on a broad scale to as many people as possible. Make sure that you include the names and titles of everyone and everything that is up for discussion. May the laws of Alchemy be on your side. We look forward to seeing the outcome of your quest.
All the best,

Adam Wallace
New Media Marketing Manager
Roger Smith Hotel


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