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Let us tell you about the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees, and the…Monkeys and the Elephants? Our short film revolves around three characters: Orson, Greg, and Jane. The story follows Greg on his date with Jane as he recounts an awkward interaction with their gay friend, Orson. As the date progresses, Greg learns a little bit about pursuit, refusal, and “a thing called love.” "The Monkeys and the Elephants" is a short comedy exploring the nature of relationships, and the interplay between members of different genders and sexual orientations.

For your viewing pleasure, we have put together a phenomenal cast and crew to collaborate on “The Monkeys and the Elephants.” Our talented team is made up of recent graduates from Loyola University Chicago, and graduate students from DePaul University. We have an incredibly motivated, passionate group of filmmakers and actors working tirelessly to make this film the best it can be.

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