FAITH Hope Love is a 40-day exploration into faith and the possibility of achieving a transcendental experience - specifically a miracle. The artist was supposed to spend the first 39 days in total seclusion that will culminate to a live performance on the 40th day. The performance was supposed to be open to the public, serving as the exhibition opening of the work as well - wherein the artist talk will take place immediately after the performance is done. (Unfortunately, there was no exhibition on the 40th day as the government [Vietnam] didn't issue a license for it and no appropriate gallery space agreed to show the work as it touches on RELIGION.)

During the 40 day experiment, the artist cleansed herself of outward distractions. From sunrise to sunset, she concentrated her energy on praying for a miracle to happen to an object she puts inside a sealed box on the 1st day of the performance. She refused her body food and water during the timeframe of the work.

Throughout the experiment, the artist tried to write the Bible page by page as part of her devotional endeavor to perform, in a monastic fashion, acts of belief and faith. The artist read through and rewrite the pages of the Contemporary English Version of the Bible and tried to cover the entirety of the religious book considered by Christians as the word of God.

This experimentation seeks to simulate the dedication of a devotee. Can miracles be manufactured? Can an epiphany be constructed? Can willful prayer, dedication, and devotion lead to something scientifically unexplainable?

FAITH Hope Love is an inquiry in Faith combined with strong hope and the constant pursuit of love.

[FAITH Hope Love is a work the artist finished for her artist residency in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam]
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