Video Glitch

After spending several months working on two animations, (Escape Velocity and Apparatus of Circumstance), this piece came together in one evening. Since I'd made Gravity I'd considered using physical processes as a starting point for an animation...objects fallings, rotational orbits etc Accumulative Synthesis is a simple sketch using this approach with the added aesthetic elements of the inclusion of 3D rigging and RAM preview markers. Digital artefacts also play a large role in the overall aesthetic of the animation, these were accumulated either through the export process or the use of RGB and luminance curves. This marks a long standing interest in the value of data bending and pixel mining aesthetics usually associated with Processing and coding software.
The sound was generated solely from a Roland SH01 and stems from experiments in additive synthesis or the combination of two or more sound waves. This leads inevitably to minimalism, where the slightest variations in tone or modulation impact greatly on the corresponding wave forms and ultimately the listeners experience of the piece. The term Accumulative Synthesis became an important term to me as it not only describes the way in which the sound and visuals were put together but also acknowledges that without spending months working on the two compositional pieces mentioned above I'd never have come to produce this animation in the manner that I did.


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