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R E V O L U T I O N (1969/2013)

This video is made under my approach and learning of data bending as a way to transform previous recorded footage or film within the concept of bending what already exists. Whether it is a song, an image, or a sound they're all part of a sea of information of data that can be transformed into something new.
As the song says we're here to tell about destruction... a destruction that has to do in fact with a re-appropriation of messages that were once important and that still are facing cases of political action towards the control of society by trying to impose already overcome obstacles that lead again to segregation, misunderstanding and induce society to fear the different, and take it (again) as an error.

Excerpt of Nina Simone's "Revolution"

"And now we got a revolution
Cause i see the face of things to come
Yeah, your Constitution
Well, my friend, its gonna have to bend
I'm here to tell you about destruction
Of all the evil that will have to end."

Original Video: Nina Simone performing at Harlem Cultural Festival - 1969 (taken from youtube)


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