Official trailer for Mieke Daneels' feature film Gesmoord (Smothered).

In Gesmoord (Smothered), a traumatised young mother of three drives away with her kids without any real destination in mind. She creates a new world for herself and her children. They spend days playing games and hanging out. It's their world, where the youngest son can wear pretty dresses without giving it a second thought, eat waffles for dinner, brush their teeth in the pool, swim with clothes on, see dinosaurs everywhere, all far from the ‘dangerous outside world’. But although she lost her lover, she wants the sun back in her garden, even when the flowers are dead. She lets him go and embraces their love in her heart so she can live again.

Smothered was produced by Kris De Meester (Four Roses, for Zoffa. This low-budget production stars the director, her partner and their three children.

The film was selected the Festival for Different and Experimental Cinemas in Paris (2011) and the London Independent Film Festival, where it received favourable reviews. wrote, ‘This film is shot so beautifully you could almost watch it on mute. But when teamed with the soundtrack, Mieke Daneels creates a fantastically eerie landscape.’

‘A different type of feature that plunges in a fantastic world, where the beauty of the image transforms the sensual drama in a superb visual experience,’ is how the Festival for Different and Experimental Cinemas describes it.


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