Pokhara, Nepal
Jampaling, Tibetan Settlement
Photo Camera Lumix DMC-F3

[There are a lot of Tibetan refugee settlements in Nepal, just During 1959, 1960 and 1961 tens of thousands refugees arrived in Nepal, mostly from the border areas of western Tibet. Most of refugees are Buddhists but there are also Tibetan Muslims (not a lot of course). Refugees in Nepal have some basic problems like social status etc. But many of these problems are daily problems of Nepal and also Nepali people. In my opinion they can freely practice Buddhism and there are even Nepali citizens (Hindus and Buddhists) who send their children to the monasteries in these villages-refugee camps to practice and learn Buddhism. China force Nepali government to control Tibetans political activities. As I have seen, Tibetan refugees are very hardly pro-sovereignty and Monks, young and old, men and women are harshly against Chinese policy and "occupation of their territory". There are poor and rich Tibetans living in Nepal, but many of them prefer to stay in village-camps around monasteries. In Nepal many of them live and earn from small businesses, handicrafts, traditional jewelries and... For tourists ten or even hundred times more expensive than it should be. But some western tourists happily buy them specially if they have some religious and traditional meanings. Old Tibetans do business and pray at the same time whole day, and they are amazingly good in that, amazingly good; chanting and giving you price hundred times higher than normally should be.]

j vimeo.com/13905374

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