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Unless you can guarantee your camera motion will be silky-smooth, lock down the camera for a well-composed still shot. Then go the extra mile and make sure the still shots are 100%, completely, and absolutely ROCK-SOLID still. Any wiggle at all - from a bit of wind, a wimpy tripod, an accidental bump - will give you away in a split second. To look like a million bucks, the camera can not move AT ALL in a still shot, because professional films never leave a mistake like that in the edit, and have the advantage with heavier cameras and more solid gear. Because DSLR camera's are so light, keeping a still shot perfectly still, can be trickier than it sounds... even pushing the record button or manually changing focus, will wiggle the shot and inform the viewer on a subconscious level that this is not a "professional production."

This is our no budget film tip #2 in creating your best micro-budget independent film. Good luck!

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