Chris Simmance was born in Salisbury, England in 1951. Since over 25 years he makes street music. He lives in a mobile home with his own mobile recording studio.

He released his new album "Moving Roots" in January 2010.
„Moving Roots“ was an exciting process of searching and finding that culminated in nine weeks of intensive recording. This time Chris Simmance has chosen an unadorned form of accompaniment allowing his voice the space that it needs. Just his voice and guitar. Less can be more.

Several of the songs are quite new and some are yet undiscovered treasures from earlier days. Moving Roots – almost a paradox but after thirty years of writing and singing one asks oneself fundamental questions. „Where am I now?“, „From where do I come“, and „Where am I going?“

"Angel" is the fifth track. More Information on:

j vimeo.com/12011396

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