INTERMEDIOLAND / Science Festival / Cloth Hall in Cracow, PL / Southern wall / Interactive / Mapping / Projection / May 2012 /

Project made for Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow during Festival of Science 2012. The projection event was separated into two parts of which the first one was interactive. We've designed a stand-alone object with console for the audience. The navigation and control buttons were used by the audience to control animation behaviors like scale, position, depth etc. The whole interaction was fully connected with sound fx.
Second part of it was a 7 minutes video mapping projection.
People involved:
Kuba Garscia, Lukasz Furman,, Adam Gruba, Juliet Land, Natalia Balska, Michal Borowski, Marisz Front, Jakub Jerszyński, Przemek Podolski, Grzesiu Mart and more..


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