Wow. This one is since 1993, when we made this . This short, if u can call 30 min a short, was awarded third place at the short film festival in Reykjavík in 1994.
Liquid is a drug. Drug that kids at a boarding school misuse with terrible conciquences.
I filmed this with now an old, then top of the line, Panasonic VHS camera. I edited this in a VHS studio at that same boarding school in Reykholt Iceland, where two Panasonic VHS tape recorder were connected to a some kind of editing computer. Those were the days with all the tapes, rewinding, fast forwarding and then the dubbing with music with all the wonderful quality of VHS. The music comes from many different hollywood movies, I hope they don't mind me using it to teach my self how to make movies. Thnx Hollywood. I copied the old master to a DV and then from DV to my CPU and then remastered it with subtitles. Few old VHS hicks but nothing serius.


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