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Featured in The Kayo Mag #3:

Started by Jason Houk in 2006, Grandeur is located on Coast Highway at Pier View Way in the heart of Oceanside, CA. The shop sets itself apart by offering a unique selection of hardgoods and apparel that attracts kids from all over North County and even as far as San Diego to come and hang out. Houk describes it as follows, "With the people that work here and the brands we carry, it's not like walking into a chain store - it's more unique. The kids that are actually into this stuff feel that and like knowing that they're not going to be wearing the same stuff as the dude that went shopping at the mall or they're not going to come here to buy a skateboard and have some 'yeah bro' snowboarder telling them what's cool and what's not; when he really doesn't know anything about what he's trying to sell." Grandeur's core aesthetic goes beyond just the product in the store, they do plenty to cultivate their local skate community. "We throw this thing called Skate Days," Houk explains, "we'll just go to a park and try to get a few of the companies that we carry to throw some product in and have a community demo where all of the kids come out to watch the local kids that rip kill it. We'll have a best trick contest on the ledge, rail, hubba, or whatever obstacle that we think is cool or that the kids are feeling. We toss out a bunch of product, it's always a really cool event and good time for the kids." With a solid set of classic skate shop values firmly in place, Kayo is proud to have Grandeur as a part of our extended family.



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