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Deputies Inspection Module

This module is one of 5 modules developed for Coal Services Pty Ltd, Australian mine safety training company.

The target audience of the module are deputies taking referesher training.

The module is divided into 3 sections, a Pre-Shift inspection and a During-Shift inspection.

The Pre-Shift inspection requires the user, (the deputy) to inspect all areas of work to ensure they are safe to work in, and to address any issues from the previous shift. The inspections covered in this module are a materials pod inspection, a continuous miner inspection, a rib/roof bolter inspection and a bad roof inspection.

Once the Pre-Shift inspection has been completed, the user is able to conduct a During-Shift inspection. The deputy is free to observe work occurring in the mine. The user can also trigger 3 different Emergency Scenarios: a vent drum leak, an auxiliary fan issue and a roof fall.

Each Emergency Scenario requires the user to identify the problem and a solution to allow the mine workers to safely continue their shift.

The Vent Drum Leak scenario occurs around the continuous miner. The methane alarm is sounding off, indicating an unsafe level of methane in the area. The deputy must take gas and wind speed measurements to determine the source of the problem, which happens to be a leaking vent drum. They must then fix the problem and
ensure that the area around the continuous miner is safe to resume work

The Auxiliary fan issue takes place at the auxiliary fan. There is a higher level of methane gas around the working faces, and the deputy must adjust the box baffle on the fan to regulate the concentration of methane in the ventilation atmosphere.

In the roof fall scenario, there is a working roof around one cut through which suddenly collapses. The deputy must then stop all work, put up support for the unstable roof and restore ventilation before work can continue.

Question and information dialogues appear throughout the module. Each question dialogue allows users to enter a response to the question through a clikapad keypad device. Each question dialogue shows whether each clikapad user correctly or incorrectly answered the question. The grey boxes below each dialogue correspond to each trainee's clikapad. There can be up to 20 clikapads in use in each session. When a question is correctly answered, the corresponding box lights up green. The box lights up red when the question is answered incorrectly. The results for each question are stored in a database which the trainer can view to ensure that each trainee understands all the educational content of the module.

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