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KYOUL a performance by Rafaël
Recorded in Italy & Spain on April 2012.

"Rafaël,one of the most promising contemporary artists, whose creations have already been hosted in some of the most important museums, festivals and cultural institutions in the world, as Tate Britain and the Rotterdam
Film Festival, will realize as a premier for the RIFF audience: “KYOUL”. Spanish by birth (...) his latest creation is a tribute to Seoul. “KYOUL” means “winter” in Korean language, and it is a travel
day-by-day through the winter in Seoul. It is a work, between fiction and documentary, which explores and reinterprets the concept of the modern metropolis. The city with its forests of buildings, cars, old and
young, homeless people in delirium, shooting fashion, talks, millions of lights, advertising, displays hallucinatory, loneliness and joy. Rafaël will create a live – cinema performance, a confluence of video, conceptual
art and experimental music, all composed and live performed. Scenarios that are intertwined, evocations and calls for a performance which tells of Seoul"
(Text from the ROME INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL. April 2012)
Copyright © 2012 Rafaël - all rights reserved

j vimeo.com/55151177

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