Non-Digital Visual Art

Hello, I'm Vacon Sartirani, a visual artist who's trying to explore our inner slimyness. These are some of my illustrations and paintings - I hope you'll enjoy them. If you'd like to see more (more!! more!!!) here are some links that you might like:
(my site - neat and comfy)
(that's my flickr stream, everything I do goes there almost live-time)
(yeah, that's my blog)
("mhhhh let me guess... your twitter account")
(I'm not even going to explain what's this)
Ah! I almost forgot! you can BUY online some of the artworks you just saw and that's where you can do it.

Thank you for watching and have a super day.

Vacon Sartirani

music: Massive Attack, "Babel" 2010 © all rights reserved.


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