Non-Digital Visual Art

Paolo Marcolongo
If I lived in Japan they would call them "belly" works and it's true. They originate from breathing which becomes a generator of shapes, of organic figures that germinate merging and passing through a "hole", ending their course in the moment of cooling. These are very brief but intense moments, where the breath and the eye play a very decisive part on the artefact. I could cite the case of the "Moebius strip" where you start from one dimension and arrive at its opposite. It's the case of the fourth dimension, of naught, of unconsciousness, of the void becoming full. Then silence.

Lumix GH3 and GH2
Leitz Elmarit 1:2.8 / 28
G Vario 1:4-5.8 / 14-140
Leitz Macro Elmarit 1:2.8 / 60
G Vario 1:4 / 7-14

Field recording: Zoom H2n
DAW: Cockos Reaper

Premiere Pro CS6


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