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(this is just version 1.0 of the edited video content as shown at B-Seite festival Mannheim with Dangerous D's soundtrack, but without additional live visuals and without Dr. Bronkenstein's stage performance - full promo video coming soon)

story, performance: dr. bronkenstein
soundtrack, audio effects: dangerous d
cinematography, editing, visuals: kiritan flux
music: klitzkov, kwartludium,

©übermutanty 2010

The walls have been shattered, the boundaries – blurred, the sense of belonging and the rightness of the place – vanished, the proportions – mocked up and distorted. The identities – forged, the contents – borrowed, the context – out of place. Nothing is as it used to be, nothing is right. But was it ever?

“The City Zen” is a collections of snapshots of the city life seen through the prism of a handful of hallucination-immersed scripts and not very coherent dreams of two characters. It is about living on the edge between the fantasy and the reality; about feeling permanently alienated, outcast, and disconnected; about something profound, uncomfortable, and difficult to deal with. Something really important... yet hard to be labeled, not to mention putting its contents into the words.

Last but not least, it is about the creation process itself. The inter-crossing city routes of two main characters – Dr. Bronkenstein and Tobias F., the relationships between the characters on-stage and on the screen, show the process as a self-guiding, self-feeding, and self-organising entity. One may say that “The City Zen” is an audio-visual metaphor of a life immersed both in the reality and the dream – it shows the 'flashbacks' containing the time and space variables, the correlations, the continuity within the scattered, the feedback loops contained within the process, and the impact all these make – both on the 'creator' and the 'creation'.


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