Energy Landscape -- Telescopes

Three stylized telescopes were developed to present EnBW´s different energy production sources. The telescopes are adjusted towards a landscape projection but when the visitor looks through it he does not see the real surrounding but one generated by a miniature monitor installed inside the telescopes. The different energy sources were added into the landscape and additional information about the energy production sources given. Content for the telescopes was built and developed by Strukt .

Smart Home -- Magic table

The other exhibit developed by MESO Digital Interiors is the Smart Home table. The simple white table is used as a control and information center. With the help of small glass cubes placed on specific points of the table information about EnBWs products for homes and households are presented on the huge projection screen placed directly in front of the table.

The MESO Team:
Max Wolf, Ingolf Heinsch, Jochen Leinberger,
Jörg Obenauer, Sebastian Oschatz


(c) 2009 by MESO Digital Interiors GmbH

j vimeo.com/103515030

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