"Á Bao A Qu"
6-channels electroacoustic music with live video

Third piece from a larger project (work in progress) about animals described in the "Book of imaginary beings" by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges.
"Á Bao A Qu" sleeps near the first steps of the staircase in the Tower of Victory, in Chitor. When someone enters the tower and starts to climb up the stairs, this sensitive creature sticks to the visitor's heels, gaining shape and light, and comes to full essence only if the person manages to reach the top of the tower...

This is a stereo version of the original 6-channel electroacoustic piece.

Built in vvvv ( vvvv.org ) and Max/MSP ( cycling74.com ) connected via OSC.

j vimeo.com/23643717

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