The human life has so much chaos and worries. The obsession of the past and the worry about the future always go into the small corners of the mind and accidentally loose ourselves in the real world. This is also the reason for numerous embarrassments. Just in one way, we need to awake ourselves to liberate ourselves and bring a meaningful contribution to the society.
So where and how can we wake up ourselves? It is not so far but near us. It is inside us, only us who can wake up ourselves?
Based on lessons about the enlightenment of Buddha (Buddha, "the awakened one" or "enlightenment"), I has had an inspiration to create my series of works. In my work, the main image is Buddha which is constructed through many states of human's expression and emotion
The work present the contrast between Buddha and the human, the spiritual world with the secular world, the interaction is indispensable in the work. This is the interaction environment between the work and viewers with multi-dimensional sense of enjoyment.

j vimeo.com/33162519

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