Warrior Public


I only had 2 hours to film this entire short with only 2 members of crew, so unfortunately the cinematography is a bit 'basic'. I just wished I had longer on set!

"I wanted to make something subtle and open ended.

I've given you the premise, now you can decide what happens next.

Let me know what you come up with"


Shot on a Sony Z1 & SG Blade lens adaptor,
with a selection t of 28mm, 50mm & 135 mm lenses.

Richard Montague enters The Apocethcary Cafe.
Inside is a beaten and bruised Waitress.

They spend a few moments together.


Dir Notes:

I wrote this with 2 friends of mine over Summer 2009, and really enjoyed the process. It took a long time but I was eventually pleased with the final script.

As always I spent weeks drawing up storyboards and concept art, however the night before the shoot I was told that we had to be in an out of the cafe in 2 hours.

The result of which meant I had to scrap over 50% of my proposed shots, and to work like crazy to get it all shot in time - leaving what you're about to see.

j vimeo.com/11468849

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