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This is not a highlights videoclip , as you would normally expect. This is a full feature wedding film. Well , almost full feature. I have left out the reception part for the shake of rough compression while uploading an almost an hour long video!
But dont worry about that. There will be a reception part separately.
For now , you would have to stick to what I offer. And that is a 30min long video that includes the couple's preparation , dressed with various Greek customs (like lots of dancing , jokes , claiming the Bride etc) and of course the Orthodox ceremony.

What is interesting about this video , besides the fact that its a full edit , is that the whole concept was based on a rather vintage style approach. So , you won't see any "hip" extravagant shots like super panoramas , timelapses , steadicam or glidetrack shots!

Everything was shot handheld , using just one camera and edited in the most simply way to insure that everything would be authentic , depicting exactly what happend that day , capturing all the atmosphere and feeling of everyone involved.

No special effects , no fancy transitions exept some dust & scratches given the Super 8mm style.
That being said , I hope you enjoy this video and feel free to comment.

Most wedding videographers usually display their video highlights and music clips as their main portfolio work. Couples , soon to be married , will find themselves bombarded with tons of amazing , well crafted video highlights that dominate most of the wedding videograhy web sites on the net.
That's really nice!

But what happens to the rest of the finished video? Have you ever seen one or at least parts of it online? How a wedding film actually starts? How it ends? Whats the ceremony like? Where is the detail? The whole story...

Being able to watch the feature , not just the highlights , is the most important thing of all. It will enable young couples to truely determine whether or not every artist has the potential their are looking for.

Post Production: Thanasis Protatos
Photography: Digital Fotostar

Better seen NOT fullscreen! :)

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