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When we arrived in Zurich, the news about the weather were not that great. There were reports about the worst May in decades and things like that. But the moment we met the couple, Carmelo and Christina, we were absolutely certain that weather was just a minor inconvenience. Strangely enough though, it didn't rain during their wedding!
Christina is Swiss-born but of Greek origins, and Carmelo also Swiss-born and of Italian origins. That probably explains the incredible chemistry between all people that were invited in this truly memorable wedding. An event where everybody had real fun (us included) and where during the party, something different and new was happening every ten minutes or something. Those words are not formalities. This was a truly awesome trip, and one of those that won't be easily fade away.
As for the crew, just the two of us, carrying around 3 cameras (Sony FS100, VG20, A77) and even more lenses and also the Edelkrone slider, Glidecam 4000, a Varizoom shoulder mount and lots of tripods.
The privileged photographer to shoot the wedding was Menelaos Liondos who seems to travel a lot lately, doing more amazing photoshoots like this one, as you can see by visiting his site ( ).
Voice-over by Bob Carter ( )


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