Vimeo Weekend Challenge


This is my entry for the shape themed Vimeo Weekend Challenge.

My initial thought for a shape subject was to do something around arrows, and so I planned to head out on Saturday morning to go and capture some video. But I was 'struck down' with a burst of 'man flu' on Friday night and so have stayed in over the weekend. Never mind, I hit on the idea of using some footage from a recent holiday and picked the shape theme of the cone volcano, and in Central America there are a lot of cone shaped volcanoes.

I am still learning my way around filming and editing, and I like to use the Vimeo Weekend Challenge to try and better my skills and to try new things, and this time I thought about incorporating some basic graphics in my entry. So I did some research on the web and downloaded Motion 5 and learnt how to use the bezier tool, and then how to import / export between Motion 5 and Final Cut.

It's only basic graphics, but I enjoyed doing it and learning how to use Motion 5. Now looking forward to the next challenge to see if I can push the boundary beyond the bezier tool!

Hope you enjoy watching my entry...


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