Vimeo Weekend Challenge

A two-minute video for the end-June 2013 Weekend Challenge on "My Pet" - a 15-year-old Yorkshire Terrier cross called "Shark Attack" also known as "Vuffy" - the way the grandkids here say "Woofie".

The backstory to his name is that in South Africa, in the super rugby league, the team from the Province of KwaZulu-Natal is called "The Sharks" - and their clothes are always black and white.

"Vuffy" cannot bark because of a larynx deformity - and for a dog which has permanent bronchial problems, doesn't run properly, is blind in one eye, and fought for his life as a puppy because he was rejected by his mother, he is in remarkably good shape.

The material was shot on Saturday 29 June and Tuesday 2 July 2013 with all video and sound editing in Final Cut Pro. The music is from the Vimeo Music Store: Pat Holmberg's interpretation of lyricist, John Kellette's, 1919 hit, "I'm forever blowing bubbles".


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