After several days of carefully observing the great white shark from the safety of the cage, we were handed a small window of opportunity. The conditions had to be perfect (no current, excellent visibility and a single calm male great white shark). More importantly the three of us had to be completely on guard and extremely conscious and aware of the situation.

The purpose of this expedition was to capture unique underwater images in order to show Mexicans the existence and relevance of a top ocean predator in their country.

Feeling the full splendor of a great white shark in its natural habitat was a humbling experience. Anybody who undermines the seriousness of the situation like this is likely to run into trouble. The activities realized in this video where performed by professional divers who took necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the divers involved. We do not suggest divers attempt to recreate such activities.

Pelagic Life Team

j vimeo.com/51838576

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