In 2004 I went to work in Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea on board "Paradise Sport" for 4 months. It turned out to be one of the most extraordinary things I have done in my life. My eyes were opened up to a world that was so beautiful and completely alien to any place I had ever been before.
I had been shooting underwater videos for only a few years and my skills were very minimal. I was using a standard definition camera, Sony TRV 900 camera, that belonged to the boat. It had dust and mildew growing in the lens. I was still not very good at holding a camera still. The only videos I had made to date were tourist videos on dive boats. I knew how to use the 1st version of iMovie and that was as far as my video editing capabilities went.
But I had in front of me the best subject matter. And I hated getting out of the water. I filmed so much footage.
This is the second part of three parts, of that extraordinary time I had and the best footage I shot. Its the first short film I attempted to make (And it didn't turn out be to be very short) This is the original edit I did before I left Papua New Guinea as a gift for the lovely Papua New Guinea crew I worked with. Unfortunatly the sound is pretty jumpy at times, but I wanted to leave it, as the way I first edited it, as it captures the essence of Milne Bay shining at its best, below and above the water.

j vimeo.com/66036288

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