Wheaty! Work Worth Watching.

A student project and one of the 14 nominations for the Dutch NTR Media price were it recieved a honourable mention for unique style.


Subject of the contest was: Family history.

We decided to tell the story of my grandpa. During WW2 he was a baker and part of the resistance. He decided to bake his spare foodtickets in his breads, during the war. The breads were transported to the captured parts of Holland, food was really rare and only available with special food tickets. People found the tickets in their breads and could buy more food.

Made with C4d, After FX, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Concept: Freek Freriks & Vivienne Tung
Design and animation: Freek Freriks
Actors: Freek Freriks & Vivienne Tung
Sound design: Soundbreeders

j vimeo.com/53975287

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