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Hello everybody :-)

In Kärnten, my region in Austria, we have a tradition on Easter Saturday. In the morning, we go and fetch some blessed fire at the church - traditionally it was also with this fire that the oven of the home would be lit on that particular day. As for the smoke, it would be used to drive away the evil spirits.

At night, again fire would play a prominent role. Everybody would light a huge fire in front of their house. I always enjoyed this contact with fire, its inspiration to transformation.

This year, I am not in Kärnten, but I felt that I would like to share a little Easter fire inspiration with you. So that is how this little video came about. I hope it will also inspire you to transform yourself, to change, to burn the old to give place to a lighter new :-)

"There are many uses for fire. Fire is present in all chemical operations; it melts metals, it cooks food and makes it edible, it provides warmth and light, and it purifies. Well, in the spiritual realm, sacrifice serves the same purpose as fire. Each time you sacrifice something, you light a fire. For example, when you decide to give up a bad habit, certain matter begins to be consumed within you, and it releases an energy which you can use for your spiritual work. Sacrifice is a gift that you give of yourself in order to receive purer energies in exchange which enable you to go further and higher. This is why sacrifice is a magical act, thanks to which you have every opportunity to build something useful, beautiful and noble, not only in your own heart and soul, but in the heart and soul of all beings as well." Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Good and beautiful Easter Fire inspirations to all of you !


PS: The music is Sonntagswalzer by Ensemble Tobias Reiser.



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