In which World

"I, as an Indian, have been through University education. But nobody ever told me that there was such a vast body of medical knowledge. (...) I was just completely A) proud; B) humiliated that such a rich tradition of health knowledge was lying neglected, ignored. (...) Out of the pride and humiliation that I felt, saying 'how can we ignore such a rich tradition?', I started finding out more and decided to do something about it. And that is what resulted in the creation of this institution (FRLHT/IAIM)." Darshan Shankar

"It is not only in health care that this neglect of traditional endogenous knowledge is taking place. It's happening in so many other fields." Darshan Shankar

"All knowledge systems do support open mindedness. In practice you don't find holders of these formal knowledge systems sufficiently open to dialogue. And, therefore, we of course need to conduct the dialogue. But, we also need people who are more open minded than others to draw up a framework for this dialogue." Darshan Shankar

"The framework of the dialogue between traditional knowledge and science, the general framework, is the framework of the relationship between the whole and the part." Darshan Shankar

"Life is not a void to be filled. It is a plenitude to be discovered." Christoph Eberhard


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