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It took around 10.000 photographs shot over 3 nights to produce this video. Audio was shot on location, just before or right after the timelapse was shot. It's as real as it gets.

The idea was to capture the town, its people and visitors in a new way.

I got this idea while shooting for the Life in a Day project (, which I really liked at the time of the shooting but simply couldn't afford the time nor the effort needed to pull it off.
Now, few nights of shooting later, I'm surprised at the result. It gave me a whole new perspective on the place where I lived most my life.

I've seen the video tens of times while editing and polishing it, but each time I see new details that I've missed before: like a cat watching the people, distant person turning on the light and opening the window in his house, smoke near clock tower, a guy trying to climb the city walls, people flashing their cameras, boats and planes buzzing by in the background, ancient clock turning the minutes dial.... there are many details that hint at the life (almost) behind the scenes.

This video is a tribute to all the Fuji Sensias and Provias I shot and cross-processed during these years I've been wandering around the town with my camera, hence the slightly shifted atmosphere.


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