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Sylvain Renaud,, a great friend of mine here on Vimeo, journeyed to Pond Inlet, in Nunavut, Canada, to capture these images. EXTREME conditions in the arctic: -30ºF!!
He used a Canon 7D and a 5D. The video here was transcoded multiple times because of my needs to use it in Logic, and is intended as a test for the music. To watch Syl's beautiful version in all its glory watch here:

Syl your footage is stunning - it was an epic journey for you, I know it was a huge undertaking to even get there! In writing this piece I tipped my hat to the Inuit throat singing, and used a men's chorus to represent nature.

It's scored for full orchestra: strings, brass, woodwinds & timpani, 2 accordions, 2 guitars, glockenspiel, celesta, handbells. The Inuit throat singing & chorus I multi tracked.

Recorded with Logic Studio (between train stops - city life).

Syl created the video first, the music was composed to match the visual edits.

Great work my friend - and congratulations on capturing this rare view of these people and their land!!


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