World Mission

Watch the BRAND NEW promotional trailer "The City of Brotherly Love - A Tall Order" from Neighborhood Film Company and Micah Bournes as they teamed up to give us a glimpse into the city of Philadelphia for The Justice Conference 2013. Watch the video, be inspired, and join us February 22+23,


It's beautiful
It's strong
It ain't just a name
It's who we supposed to be,
but sometimes it don't feel nuttin' like The City of Brotherly Love
Sometimes it's just the opposite

That waitress act like she don't want a tip
and center city business men in suits more expensive than monthly rent
walk right past a homeless mother
Sometime thugs be puttin' slugs in each other.
Sometimes our brothers aint even our brothers
but sometimes...
We all brothers

Like when the Bullies take the ice
or anybody take a bite of cheese steak or bean pie
or the poet spits fire
or the elders pass wisdom
truth spittin'
stoop sittin'
snow rain or shine
24/7 365

Can't nothing keep us off these streets.

We painted these walls with visions and dreams

The founders of this city had a reason for the name they chose.
It was a hope, a goal

and it's a different town today
but it's never too late to live up to our name.

Shoot from the hip and swing for the fences
this train is bound for glory
who's comin' with me?

Philadelphia, city of brotherly love
A Tall Order
but by faith The Lord can make us what we are,
so believe,
and let's go be what they call us.


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