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Today I went early with my relatives to Festival Centre in Dubai, and I know that I visited this mall over hundreds of times but I never thought of using my iPhone 4G camera to make a video there!!!

I used my iPhone 4 camera before with a very short snapshot as trials but this was the first time I tried to make something good out of it and to do a good testing for the resulted video... I also took a couple of HDR photos which I will share on other day.

What I noticed during the snapshots that using your iPhone to shoot a professional video clip is something so hard specially when you have no other accessories like tripod, external lenses ....etc as in my case... I used only my bare hands and it was so difficult to produce a stabilized picture most of the time but the experiment was awesome ... hence using only bare hands will cause the camera to be so sensitive to any small vibration.

to read more about this experience please visit the video's page on my website at:


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