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September Sun is the second teaser video leading up to my upcoming project, codenamed "The Los Angeles Project". So far in 2012, I've shot over 125,000 frames of Los Angeles. This exceeds 3 terabytes of data and makes up nearly 1.5 hours of timelapse footage. And I'm nowhere near done. Plenty of this footage will not make the final edit, so I'm releasing a few themed teaser videos that feature some of this plethora of footage.

The theme of this piece is, you guessed it, September sunsets. Ever since I first came to LA, I've noticed that we tend to get a lot of nice sunsets and great clouds in and around September. Every year since, I've been on the look out to capture these opportunities.

This video features some of my favorite sunsets and day-to-night scenes, all shot in September 2012 (OK, one clip was shot on August 30), and all shot within the city of Los Angeles.

Be sure to also check out the first teaser in this series, After Midnight, a look at Los Angeles from one mile up during the early morning hours:

If you're looking for more from me, check out a recent project I was involved in - Mission 26: The Big Endeavour -


Shot on Canon cameras and lenses.
Motion control by eMotimo TB3 and Kessler CineSslider.
Processed with Adobe Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro.

About me: I shoot stock footage and photos, available directly or through Getty, Corbis, and others. I am also available to shoot custom footage for projects worldwide.


Music: The Album Leaf - The Light. Album: Into the Blue Again
Available at:

All images and footage © 2012 Chris Pritchard, all rights reserved.


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