Here are 2 consecutive dreams that occurred within 30 days of one another. They are related because of a common thread, the voice of my mother telling me what to do.

Dream 1 - Vehicle Dream:

In this particular vehicle dream , the Lord brought me to one of the houses in which I grew up years ago when I was 17 years of age. Even as I discuss the content of the dream, I am not sure if this dream was a time travel dream. I will leave that up to you. In the natural, I had a God encounter in the same place that the Lord brought me to in the dream. My, late mother was also in the dream as well. It was a glorious day in the dream. As I was focusing my gaze at the end of the drive-way, I heard my mother on the left side of me behind a wall say to me twice that your father wants to buy you a house. I thought that this was odd coming from my mother because in the natural prior to her passing, she left me and my youngest sister out of her will and gave everything over to my younger brother who is a dentist. I was the oldest of the 3 siblings. As the dream progressed and when I was thinking on this matter concerning the house that my father wants to give me, I had a suddenly. All of sudden, parts of the inside of a car sprang up all around me. The car's dashboard was a combination of lime green, lemon yellow, and tangerine orange. As, I was so awestruck and amazed as to the color of the inside of the vehicle and as I went looking for the key to start the vehicle the dream ended,

Disclaimer: As I was typing out the dream certain facts concerning the content of the dream that I forgot when doing the video surfaced and I included

Dream 2 - The Zoo Elephant Dream:

In this second dream, a few nights ago I was taken to the Zoo where the elephants dwell. The biggest elephant in the zoo was assigned to me and I was taken back a bit because although in the dream I was an expert as a zoo keeper for elephants but in the natural I knew nothing about them nor was I interested in elephants. All I knew to do was if the elephants needed to deposit their contents, I was to stand as far away from them as I could possibly go. As I was hesitant in working with elephants in fear of what they may do at any moment, I heard this voice above that sounded like my deceased mother's voice. She said, come a little closer to the elephant and do not be afraid. And so I thought, if I come any closer to that elephant, I may get trampled upon and not survive it. So this is what I was fearing.. And the voice kept on telling me to get a little closer each time and the thought was occurring to me over and over again, if I get any closer, I am going to die because this elephant is going to trample the life out of me and the voice continually kept telling me "Do Not Be Afraid" . When I realized that the female's voice was my mothers voice, I kept thinking, my mother wants to kill me and then I thought wait a minute she is not even alive and why is she talking to me from where she is? As I responded to her voice, I kept getting closer to the elephant and then the elephant wrapped his trunk around me, and started to lift me up. At this point it was so tight that I thought that my ribs were going to break. As the elephant was lifting me higher and higher with his trunk, I realized that I was in what looked like my bathroom in the natural and then I thought, "How did this elephant get into my bathroom"? I saw the tub, and the tile of what looked like my bathroom but as I am reciting and writing out this dream, I realize that it was the elephants bathroom. I also noticed that as the elephant was lifting me up there was urine on the floor and I said to myself, " I am glad that I am being lifted up because I do not want to be wallowing in that" - lol. And so the elephant kept lifting me up and up and up. What did notice that much of the bathroom was clean accept for the urine on the floor that was put there by the elephant himself.


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