This is Mon and Dan aka D$ and their awesome wedding party!! We still cannot believe that their wedding was already almost a month ago. It was such a fun wedding with Dan's buddies, the super cool coast guards from the States in their sexy white uniforms, the pretty bridesmaids in their sapphire dresses, and all of their friends and family. It was a lot of fun, dancing, food, joy, and swords!

Looking back all the way to November last year, when we first met Monica at a wedding show, we were really lucky to have met her! At our very first meeting, we knew right away that Monica was the kind of bride that we'd love to work with. She was very friendly, very sweet and just felt real comfortable chatting with her. It wasn't like a client meeting at all, more like a coffee date with a really pretty lady! She told us that, she actually had some other videographer in mind that she was going with but then she saw our booth at the show, liked our work, had a couple of coffee dates then decided to go with us! So flattered!

I think one of the best part of one of our consultations was when she told us that her wedding is going to be a military wedding and her soon-to-be-hubby is an American coast guard! All of Dan's buddies will be in their white uniforms and will be doing their traditional military sword arch! It was such an exciting news for us, a military wedding, a beautiful bride, groom in white uniform, and 5 pretty bridemaids? We just couldn't ask for more!

We're very glad to have met you two, congratulations and all the best! ♥

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