Life. Nature. You. Make the connection.

Escape short movie for WWF competition

Our body knows; it knows we are organic creatures which belong to nature, which in fact is a piece of nature.
Our body knows; being healty is being where we belong to. Water, sand, forests, ocean, sky... It is in balance when we are surrounded by nature itself.
Our body knows; and gives messages so often. Gives messages that we be in nature often, to give and take, to recycle our energy, to heal ourselves.
Is it a dream or is it real? Can we become one with nature again? Can we find a balance between our civilised life and nature? Where is that thin division line between these seemingly seperate realities?
It is time to dream; time to dream and realize a lifestyle where we can be advancing as a civilised humanity and sustaining ourselves and nature at the same time!
Without nature we become machines, in the nature we are human!

written & directed by
Burak Barutçu - Ersin Koç

DOP & Camera & Editing
Burak Barutçu - Ersin Koç

Aylin Çağlı Yoğurtçu
Burak Özdelice

Color & Effects
Ersin Koç

Planet vibes - Turning wheel and a sun

Production Assistant
Güney Yoğurtçu
Toygar Kabas

Thanks to
Butterfly Valley
Çağlar Karakuş
Deniz Minver
Duygu Bakın
Gökçe Ketenci
Hişar Mollaoğlu
Mobilera Family
Selin Önel
Zeynep Sarılar


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