Life. Nature. You. Make the connection.

When you stop for a second and look up to the sky, you realize how grande the Universe is…and how small you are…but do you ever stop to think how important the Universe is for the continuity of your life? Without the closest star, the sun, life wouldn't exist. Milky Way Galaxy consist of 100 Billion stars, and there are estimated to be 100 Billion Galaxies in the Universe.

You are so tiny in the Great Universe, so distinct. Yet the smallest cells that your life holds, reflect similarities with the Universe. Look at your hands, and feel the blood cells rushing through your veins. A human contains about 100 trillion cells. The tiniest brain cells connecting with another, gives astonishing visual sight identical to our present Universe.

We are so unimaginably tiny and so grande at the same time. We feel so important, but the Universe doesn't need us, it gave us the possibilities to life, but from then on, we were on our own…The Universe keeps us alive by providing sources for life. But the Universe doesn't need us. We are a distinct fragment of it all.

When we are given so much, how is it possible that we destroy and pollute so much? We are totally aware of what we are doing to ourselves. We destroy our Mother Nature with a horrific speed. At the same time we kill our ecosystem, and we kill ourselves. Without the nature, the life on Earth as we know it, would not exist.

We are one within many, we are all beings -humans and animals, everything we see around is creation, the whole Universe is built with the same atoms…One depends from another.

Life. Nature. You. We are all connected.


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