What better way to celebrate a birthday then go out to a nice place with the whole family. Order some pancakes and then: everybody gets out his Nikon gear and heads for the nearest tulip fields.

So last week was my birthday and this is how we celebrated it. Near Noordwijkerhout are huge tulip fields, its a total trip, super bright colors as far as the eye can see. Well usually anyway....

Sadly they pretty much harvested most of the area so we got stuck on a smaller patch, still spectacular. The sun vanished and we ended up with a "it is about to rain but not yet" kind off weather. The farmer left this patch open for tourist, a small army of shooters stopped by, which was funny. The Letus setup turned out to be just as much a tourist attraction as the Tulip fields.

Shot with EX-3
Letus ultimate, Nikon 17-35 80-200.
Very windy conditions as you can see with most of the long shots. Bunch of stuff hand held but didn't have the right FF ring for the 17-36 so some stuff was a bit messy focusing wise. One of the last shots is my brother Daniel buying me flowers. Its a 200mm handheld shot so when he came running.. well you know I ran out of focus.

Anyway, just a bit of family fun, ungraded. Maybe I'll try magic bullet on it in the future :P

Re-uploaded the video, turns out gamma correction was on making all the whites a bit dark/lifeless.

j vimeo.com/4410796

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