Uphold Withhold, 2014


Lisa Selby

The Royal British Society of Sculptors, London and INOVA, Institute of Visual Arts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US.
Funded by The British Council and The Arts Council through the Artists’ International Development Fund.

To be screened at the solo show 'Must come down', curated by Sandra Erbacher at INOVA, Institute of Visual Arts, Milwaukee, US, as part of The National Council of Education for the Ceramic Arts 48th annual conference.
‘Uphold Withhold’ is a new performance by British artist Lisa Selby, in which a number of female participants enact a strictly controlled tea drinking ceremony, addressing the everyday rituals that perpetuate and legitimise gendered power structures in British society. Selby’s performance revolves around the pressures of social etiquette, specifically focusing on the virtues of self-restraint in the maintenance of manners.

Lydia Brain
Aylish Browning
Megan Broadmeadow
Hope Deeney
Jay Delves
Jenna Finch
Victoria Kember
Rebecca Ounstead
Alia Pathan
Helen Stirling


Lincoln Islam

j vimeo.com/85659928

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