General Tech Talks Ireland

When: Mon 5th Sept 2011
Where: Central Hotel, Dublin

Python Ireland
Renaissance Reinsurance
Ruby Ireland

Ruby is one of the languages with pretty good AMQP support. Jakub of the RabbitMQ team will talk about state of the art of Ruby libraries for AMQP which he co-maintains and about plans and ideas for the future. Part of the talk will be few showcases about using RabbitMQ + Ruby on the most widely used cloud providers.

About Jakub
Jakub is a guru Ruby contractor currently developing Ruby AMQP libraries and managing the Ruby community for the RabbitMQ team of VMware. Jakub is author of more than 80 OSS projects mostly in Ruby and JavaScript. He's spoken on quite some conferences. Jakub lives in London and he loves travelling, start-ups, development and self development. He blogs about this topic on his blog.

Messaging Patterns with RabbitMQ talks from the same evening:
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