U-Arts Film & Animation Group

"Spacid Filmutions" is the title of this 2013 U-Arts, Object Animation class, group project, cameraless animation experimental film. As the title implies it is, in part, about the mutation of film, it is also an abstract experiment in motion picture visual music.
The students worked their imagery directly onto a variety 35mm film stocks that I supplied, using a wide range of media, methods, and techniques to artistically alter the original film materials (if you look carefully, you can find imbedded on some of the source material film clips, images from the TV show, "Pee Wee's Playhouse", & the feature film, "Star Trek V"). The finished film clips were edited together and then transferred at Technicolor Postworks in NYC to an HD digital file for final editing, sound, effects, and titles. The film was directed by student, Nishant Thelakkat. Sound design and music is by greenbeanz & nhuhn (students Mike Green & Nick Huhn). Editing is by Nick Huhn & myself, and title designs are by student, Alleanna Harris.
Go to vimeo.com/62303556 to see all the raw HD footage that this film was edited from.

j vimeo.com/68108135

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