ZER01: The Art and Technology Network

2010 01SJ Biennial

Amy Franceschini, Dan Allende + Co.
Copyright Futurefarmers

Sunshine Still is a traditional moonshine still re-engineered to produce ethanol alcohol bio fuel from compost, waste or algae. The particular liquid produced from this still is nicknamed Sunshine, because it is made with the energy of the sun. The still will be built and run prior to the exhibit period and will produce engine-ready ethanol fuel by day and drinkable ethyl alcohol. It will then be installed onsite in South Hall in San Jose. It will be housed in an establishment reminiscent of a speakeasy, entitled Speak Hard. The Speak Hard will be the platform to provoke discussions on the subject of the future of fuel, and will invite scientists, moonshiners and policy makers to discuss this with the public. Film screenings, readings and performance will ensue.

j vimeo.com/10300128

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