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Michel Montecrossa says about 'Tree On The Hill':
"Forests are a major part of the foundations of life on earth. The conflicting powers acting in our psychological jungle should not harm the life of natural forests and their wild life. When forests dwindle, get sick or disappear, not only wild life but humanity too is endangered, loses health of mind and body and moves into wrong directions. As an activist I promote afforestation in Mirapuri to save forests, their wild life and a consciousness of harmony with nature for future generations."

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Song Lyrics:
Tree on the Hill, I see you waiting still. / Tree of the knowledge, branching far beyond. The fascists are hungry and time is running out. / The system is dangerous and you too. / Tree on the Hill, I’m a-waiting still.
The cops get payed and the criminal too. / The president likes money and the churchmen too. / All are running blindfold, why not you? / The rough road and the naked child, my Lord: / Tree on the Hill, I’m a-hangin’ ‘round still.
The desert is hot and the lifeless street. / The dirt is rollin’ into the waters, if you please. / Light is shining, I live this dream. / Words are good only if power they give. / Tree on the Hill, standing in the wind. / Tree on the Hill, standing so still.
Let’s gather round the Tree on the Hill. / Truth is the key ‘cause Love is so real. / Gather in the city for a better world. / Tree on the Hill, I see you waitin’ still, / and my dream is active Will, / and my dream is active Will.
Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


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