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KukBonez Da GRUSTLER formally known as Kukoo da baga bonez, Aka "GRINDzilla" Aka HUSTLE KONG", aka "Atlas" with the world on his shoulders.


KukBonez Da GRUSTLER formally known as Kukoo da baga bonez is an independent hip hop artist and Entrepreneur from New York who has been putting in work consistently in the music industry since the mid 90's and has crossed over into several markets since he debuted with his certified underground classic "Da Real Kukoo". Kukoo is a hard worker who is dedicated to his music and beliefs of staying true, core and original. KukBonez has influenced many mainstream artists, companies and corporate entities with his original style, ideas, creativity and concepts. His 2007 album release titled “Da GRUSTLER” started and became the innovator of the Grustle movement that has been accepted worldwide.

KukBonez timeline, projects, catalog and respect within various industries as Da GRUSTLER is evidence of this. Times have changed since KukBonez first started on the hip hop music scene. He has changed his name, matured as a person and artist. He would like to share his life experiences and story with the fans and consumers. Keep your ears and eyes open for KukBonez Da GRUSTLER.


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