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We are a group of artists who believe that art is most meaningful and beautiful when directly addresses the reality of our world environment. Guerrilla Art that is out in the streets and in the countryside is unexpected and unframed; it is unfamiliar to the viewer and ultimately provokes genuine responses and experiences, freed from expectations and formats. This type of art is unprotected, unbound and subject to real concerns such as weather, vandalism and public opinion; it is an art that endures, that lives along with its surroundings. Each work of art that we make has a life expectancy depending on its material composition, structure and location. Its exhibition time and success are entirely up to the viewers who can choose to have an impact on their environment just as we have. In many cases it results in a formal dialogue between the artist’s creation and the works context, either with graffiti when it’s in the streets or simply through weather, flora and fauna when it is in the countryside. The point is that Guerrilla Art is never static. Due to its exposure to the realities of our world environment, there is always something happening: a progression of form and matter, unexpected visitors and the manifestation of life in general.
The locations we target are mainly neglected or useless public spaces, abandoned or derelict structures and wounded land in general. It is fundamental for us to act in a reasonable and respectful manner towards nature and the integrity of any environment we enter. It is our mission to generate unexpected artful experiences without causing prejudice to anyone, which is the reason why each location is carefully analyzed and studied before we decide to undertake a project. When working in the countryside our most common materials are dirt and mud, but we also use more durable yet natural materials such as wood and stone. The well-being of the ecosystem is an omnipresent concern in the world today; therefore it seems impossible for contemporary artists to ignore it. In the streets or urban landscapes it is a completely different context and our concerns shift towards respecting the well-being of people in their habitat. For example we ensure that none of the artworks obstruct the passing of people, especially elders and those in strollers. In all, the aim of our practice is to make art that is present in our everyday environment, that exhibits its reality and that is accessible to the average viewer. In any case we make sure that none of our interventions have a negative affect on the world.
It is incredibly rewarding to make art in our world and to watch the effect of reality on it. As long as it creates a displacement of mass or a shift in dynamics that provokes a human reaction or an unexpected occurrence, then it is a successful piece of Guerrilla Art. In fact, we have realized that once a piece of art is made in a specific context, it then exposes the characteristics of its surroundings: becoming a beacon to the realities of our world.


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