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Guerrilla Pictures is a filmmaking collective which produces high-quality micro-budget films by leveraging the advantages of the latest digital equipment, the growth in international film festivals & internet viewing platforms, and the collective exchange of labour, skills and talent. Our speciality is activist documentaries & docu-fictions which aim to inform, entertain and provoke debate.


Short documentary.
In the foothills of the Himalayas lies the Corbett Tiger Reserve, India's first national park. Here, among the surrounding hotels which there only to make money and eventually leave, there is a lodge which is built on the genuine ecotourism principals of sustainability, renewability, and real involvement of the local people.

A docu-fiction based on the lives and writing of Nirmala Devi and her sister Sarala Devi, the first a leading metaphysical poet, the second a leading feminist, social activist, writer, author, playwright, and first woman Member of the Orissa Parliament.
The film is set principally in the period 1935-1955, with Indian Independence at its centre. Archive footage serves as a backdrop to key events in the sisters' lives, and that of Nirmala Devi's husband, Raibahadur Durga Das, a leading civil servant in the British Raj. The characters are seen as three key components of the Indian psyche - the spiritual, the activist-political, and the bureaucrat-leader - who together make up the conflictual but unified whole that is India.
As a parallel to this meta-view of the dawning independence of the country, the film presents its main theme - the movements for women's freedom and independence. It reveals how each sister illustrates this in her life and writings. Dramatically different in personality and writings, the sisters project contrasting images of what freedom represents for women. The tensions and conflicts between them serve as a dramatic playing out of these different ideas. The third character, Durga Das, serves as a foil and sounding board for each woman's life, views, and writing.
Finally, by comparing experiences with contemporary women, the film asks the question - were Nirmala and Sarala Devi, living in a feudal society, in many ways more "emancipated", "feminist", and "liberated" than a lot of young women today who have their economic independence, but who are still subject to serious prejudices, discrimination, and social pressures.
A co-production with OverdoseJoint Films, Kolkata

Short documentary.
Three strands - a journey to discover the mountain gorillas of Uganda; a personal life journey through the world of wildlife, why conservation is vital, and an attempt to reveal something about the human-animal conundrum; and a reflection on the key components of conservation strategy.

Based around the work of a public justice law firm in the Bronx, New York, the film looks at the people who do this difficult job and why they do it, talks to clients who receive the legal help, and brings to light the problems revealed by poverty in the world's richest nation.

Short 'singing pamphlet'.
For the last 40,000 years we have systematically killed off species after species. As this process rapidly accelerates and overpopulation helps it along, we will soon have no wild animals left. The results will be catastrophic, not only in species loss, but also for the dramatic effects it will have on land cover, vegetation, and climate.