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Filmmaking Program at the NYFA of New York USA (2006)
Master in Corporate Communication and Advertising -I.C.I.E.- Complutense University of Madrid (1999-2000)
Graphic Designer University of Buenos Aires (1995-1999)

Work Experience

*As Advertising Réalisateur
Puente Aereo (Madrid - Barcelona) since 2006

*As Advertising Creative Director
Sra Rushmore Madrid WPP (2006 - 2003)
Hormigas / Advertising Agency Founder Partner 5/2003 - 10/2002
McCann Erickson Art Director 9/2002 - 1/2002
Cathedral -the creative center- Art Director 1/2002 - 1/2000
J.W.Thompson-Buenos Aires, Argentina Art Director Jr. 1999

Spanish -native- • English Advanced II International House Madrid (2002-2003) • P.E.T. -Cambridge University- • F.C.E. -Cambridge University-

Publications and Awards
C de C 2003 -spanish creative festival- spot A.E.C.C. (Spanish Asociation Against Cancer) • CANNES bronze 2001 spot Spanish Red Cross • San Sebastián bronze 2001 ad campaign Fotoprix • FIAP gold 2001 spot Spanish Red Cross • FIAP silver 2001 spot Spanish Red Cross • FIAP gold 2001 ad campaign Fotoprix • 1st Prize Graphic Designers Contest U.B.A.1998 -University of Buenos Aires


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